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Carboline Introduces Carbotherm 551; the Next Generation of Thin-Film Insulative Coatings
Carboline Company is pleased to announce the release of Carbotherm 551 an advanced next generation insulative coating. This water-based epoxy insulative coating has multiple uses from protecting workers from burns on hot surfaces to thermal insulation. It dramatically reduces the effects of solar radiation on operating vessels and storage tanks and reduces heat built up which can otherwise result in evaporative emissions from storage tanks containing hydrocarbon or other cargoes.

Carboline Introduces Thermo-Lag E100 Advanced Epoxy Intumescent Fireproofing
Carboline Company is pleased to announce the release of Thermo-Lag E100, an advanced epoxy intumescent fireproofing formulated to provide high quality aesthetics, rapid film build and superior physical performance without the need for a mesh reinforcement layer.

Carboline Releases New Epoxy Pipe Linings for Gas Flow Improvement
Carboline Company is pleased to announce the release of Polyclad 951, Polyclad 952, and Polyclad 956 high performance epoxy pipe lining products specifically designed to increase flow improvement of natural gas. These products meet and exceed all requirements of API RP 5L2 for gas transmission pipelines. These products act as a flowliner, creating a smooth surface on the interior of pipes to increase flow efficiency and reduce energy cost of transporting natural gas.

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Carboline High Performance Coatings Seminar October 13-15, 2014
Carboline Company announces its High Performance Coatings Seminar to be held in St. Louis on October 13-15, 2014. Carboline seminars enjoy a rich tradition as educational seminars which offer to enhance our customer's knowledge on the principles of corrosion control through protective coatings. You can find the application in the link above. Please contact Kelly Whitman at 314-644-1000 x 2385 if you have any questions.